In 1994 MEKKEM develops an innovative carbon fiber suspension to meet customer demands for a shock absorbing system by carbon fiber material, aluminum that has two distinctive materials that bond together. While developing this complex and innovative technology, Mekkem becomes a supplier to the bicycle industry. The members who love nothing but bikes in the group came from aeronautics field have strong background not only theories and practical process. We believe high technology of material can make special performance of bicycle parts.

Mekkem makes bicycle parts by carbon fiber, not reverse. Hence our design and manufacture process have been truly innovative and original in high demand. Most designs are unique. The only concern is the balance of weight and safety. For the sake of safety and weight, we develop a series of processes for the purpose of bicycle parts.

Matrix is the manufacture process of aluminum or alloy with carbon fiber material. The purpose of this method is to take the advantages of both materials. Crabon fiber is light and stronger however it is brittle failure. There is no signal before crack. Alloy is heavy, but is flexural failure. The rider always has signal before failure. That will provide the time of reaction. More parts of bikes need flexural failure instead of brittle failure. Therefore the idea of the material is to have a little alloy to get the flexural and most carbon fiber to get the strength. Only a few of factories can produce matrix parts. We develop forks, seatpost, rims, stem, etc.

Again, carbon fiber is brittle. It is weak to resist the impact. The better way is to insert a light low density foam. Experiment data shows this will be extremely helpful to the impact strength. This technology has been applied to seatpost, rims, stem.

Carbon fiber has extremely high tensile strength. Mostly its bending strength is the most design concern. However to get more strength is to use the buckling of the strength of the structures. The cross bar provide more than 30% of the strength. This technology applies to seatpost, forks, stems, and rims.

Many carbon fiber factories exist. However the new technology makes Mekkem so different from others and keep Mekkem in the front of others. Mekkem’s main issue is how to make bicycle parts instead of how to use carbon fiber. This make the unique character of this team.